Anni Hollings, Paul Dobson and Ben Scoble met to discuss moving the EPISA project forward.

EPISA networking event: ‘Impacting on future talent’

It was decided to develop and deliver a networking event at the end of February 2013. The focus of this event is very much the idea of getting businesses involved in student learning activities and assessment.

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Opportunities for engagement model

A framework model has been discussed and developed that outlines 4 scenarios (opportunities)  in which businesses could engage with the Business School curriculum.  The important dimensions of  ‘Commitment’ and ‘Impact’ are identified, as these are the 2 key areas that would influence business involvement. Through defining 4 opportunities we have an opportunity to provide examples and raise interest; showing was is possible.


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Moving forward

A draft outline of the event has now been produced and the EPISA team are now gearing up to resourcing and finalizing the event:

  • Inviting participants: including key note speaker and presenter
  • Visiting the event location
  • Resourcing the event
  • Producing literature for the event
  • Finalizing the process for developing a partnership with interested parties